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1846, May 13: George True was born in Germany.

1863: Christine Vagts came to US by ship to SF at the age of 17.

1868: At age 22 George True, came to the US and farmed rented land in Alameda County.

1876: George True, at the age of 30, received an inheritance of $14,000 from German relatives.

1876, November 29: George True purchased 584 acres for $11,500 in gold coin.

1878: George married Christine Vagts.

1880: George planted 80 acres of grapes.

1883, April 2: At the age of 36 George became a naturalized citizen.

1884: George sold 180 acres, including the 80 acre vineyard, to Alexander Duvall for $10,500 in gold coin.

1886: George planted an additional 130 acres of grapes.

1889: A small winery was built, which still stands today. In addition, a new home, tank house, wash house & equipment building were built; Olive trees & prickly pear cactus orchards were planted.


Nov 16, 1896 George dies at age of 50.

1896 to 1906: After George's death, Ferdinand Hilke worked as the farming foreman.

1900: The winery was enlarged again to accomodate the addition of six 10,000 gallon tanks.

1904: Mrs. True purchased adjoining land, and now owned 754 acres.

1906: SF Earthquake. Henry Grabau and his wife and family came to live on the property. Henry started working for Mrs. True.

1906: Mrs. True traveled to Germany and returned with her sister and brother-in-law.

1909-1910: A new wine cellar was built on the property. The cellar was excavated into the hillside and had concrete floors and brick and concrete walls. What remains of this structure is the 'crush pad on the north side of the property.

1911: Mrs. True now had 150 acres planted in grapes. She rotated crops of barley, wheat and oats, and also had cattle, horses, hogs and cows on the balance of the land.

1915: Mrs. True repurchased 180 acres that had been sold to Alexander Duvall, after he died in 1913.

1915: Mrs. True sold 30 acres to Ferdinand Hilke.

1920 January 16: Prohibition began.

1923 May 14: Mrs True died at age 77.


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